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    Reconstruction of Lyceum № 3 in Irpin, Kyiv region


    Project goals

    • Creation of favorable conditions for the return to Irpen of young people and families with children.

    • Involvement of investors and international donors in the renewal of the city;

    • Implementation of energy-saving technologies to reduce operating costs by 50%;

    • Self-sufficiency of the institution through partial commercialization of the sports complex

    • Creation of common urban space - the center of a healthy lifestyle.

    Prerequisites of the project

    The project of creating a new multifunctional space on the basis of the territory of the city Lyceum No. 3, the buildings of which suffered devastating destruction during artillery shelling. Irpin Lyceum of the I-III degrees No. 3 of the Irpin City Council of the Kyiv region was a multidisciplinary educational institution designed for the education of 1,830 students. Before the start of hostilities, the actual number of lyceum students was 1,800.

    On the territory of the lyceum are located:

    • the main building with an internal courtyard;

    • a separate building of the swimming pool, which is connected to the main building of the lyceum through an above-ground closed transitional gallery;

    • sports facilities: stadium, tennis court, walking, and running tracks;

    • commercial buildings.

    The concept of renewal

    Project information:

    • Lyceum for 1830 students

    • Swimming pools that can accommodate 230 people

    • The hotel that can The total area of the buildings is 16 177 m2

    • The total land area is 2,8 hectares

    School building

    School building – the creation of a new concept of using the building volume of the school for the possibility of implementing modern teaching methods:

    • Restoration of the bearing capacity of damaged structures;

    • Thermomodernization - insulation of facades and roofs, installation of windows and entrance doors with characteristics corresponding to current standards;

    • Replacement of existing equipment with energy-saving and energy-efficient ones (ventilation units with air recovery, kitchen equipment);

    • Replanning of the school canteen to increase the number of seats, development of a full-fledged kitchen with the use of current standards, modern technologies, and energy-saving equipment;

    • Construction of a new training hall in the basement;

    • Relocation of labor training classes (which currently interfere with the development of the dining room, are not located according to regulations, and are not convenient for the educational process) to a separate building from the main school building;

    • The use of lighting devices with full consideration of the requirements for lighting classrooms and common areas using energy-saving lighting devices, motion sensors, and lighting control systems;

    • Replacing the heating system with an effective one using modern heating devices, balancing the system, and setting up an Individual heating point;

    • Redesign school bathrooms, taking into account the implementation of building inclusivity standards, and equipping them with energy-saving devices;

    • Addition of two elevators for transporting children with special needs to all floors (inclusivity);

    • Creation of two sports halls on the basement floor and adaptation of these premises to create a bomb shelter with a complex of relevant infrastructure.

    Swimming pool building

    Pool building

    • Transformation of the building into a sports and recreation complex, taking into account the possibility of using it to meet the needs of the population:

    • Arrangement of a modern fitness center

    • Placement of a full 25 m swimming pool for adults and schoolchildren

    • Arrangement of a separate pool (zone) for preschool children and those with mobility impairments, with the possibility of medical procedures.

    • Restoration of the bearing capacity of damaged structures, organization of input groups;

    • Thermomodernization - insulation of facades and roofs, installation of windows and entrance doors with characteristics corresponding to current standards; insulation, replacement of window and door structures;

    • Installation of energy-saving and energy-efficient ventilation equipment, water preparation, and purification systems;

    • Application of lighting devices with full consideration of requirements for lighting all premises using energy-saving lighting devices, motion sensors, and lighting control system;

    • Application of modern security systems (access control, video surveillance).

    Other components

    • Reconstruction of the greenhouse building: arrangement of a full-fledged complex of educational premises for labor training of boys and girls.

    • Football stadium: expansion to standard dimensions (60x40 meters) of the football field. Completion of the tribunes - in the space under the tribunes, changing rooms, bathrooms, and showers, coaching rooms should be provided. The superstructures include a dormitory for temporary accommodation of athletes who will come to the competition from other cities and smart apartments for school teachers.

    • Completion of a new building, which provides a complete educational process for younger classes.

    • Boiler house. The boiler used before the war was damaged by an artillery shell. The project envisages carrying out search works, and technical and economic analysis of a complex solution for the heating and energy supply of school buildings and the swimming pool.

    Creation of public space

    For the use of sports facilities on the school territory, the project provides  access and use of the swimming pool, fitness center, and stadium by the residents of the neighborhood. For the use of the sports complex by the students of the lyceum, a time frame will be assigned from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. At other times (6-8 and 13-23), the sports complex should be available to city residents. If necessary, restricting the access of outsiders to the educational territory of the lyceum is easy - because access to the swimming pool from the school building is provided by an overhead passage, which can be overlapped if necessary. The building of the swimming pool with the fitness center is supposed to be leased for a fee, with the mandatory condition of free use by school students from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. from Monday to Friday.

    Expected results

    Stages of reconstruction

    Reconstruction of the school premises to a condition suitable for use for the educational process. A complete transformation of all buildings on the territory using the most modern technologies in the field of energy supply, creation of public space based on the swimming pool and sports facilities of the lyceum for use by city residents as a public center for a healthy lifestyle.

    Terms of project implementation

    The sequence of construction in view of the critical need to put into operation the relevant buildings and structures:

    • I stage - the main school building, boiler room, building for labor training;

    • II stage - the building of a swimming pool and fitness center;

    • III stage - football stadium stands with superstructures;

    • IV stage - building for primary school education.

    The current state of the building:

    Concept and economic justification

    Concept and economic justification
    PDF-file, 9.44 MB

    25 000 000 $
    Deadline for offers
    31 March 2023
    Final implementation date
    School building: 31 December 2023
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